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Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing; that my soul may sing praise to thee and not be silent.
Psalm 30: 11-12

He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."
Revelations 21:5

Glimpses of Grace
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Welcome to the website of Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress

Welcome to my website! I enjoy my home in beautiful East Tennessee where I write, speak, hike :-), and love my family.

While my custom has previously been to write an annual website greeting, this time it has actually been over two years. When I last wrote, my youngest son, Zane, was serving in Afghanistan. Thankfully, he returned safely home. But I believe 2012 will still represent for our family one of the darkest years of our lives.
Zane returned from the war to help bury two of his uncles who drowned together in Alaska. In those same days, he visited my husband Phil – in ICU following a massive stroke. Those losses provide only a glimpse of some horrific days.
Today, 2014, our lives still painfully reflect the tragedies of  2012. After a year in rehabs and nursing homes, I brought Phil home in 2013 to oversee his care. The only writing I have done for a long while is updates for his facebook group “Pray-ers for Phil”.
So what does one do when the world crashes down and life changes forever . . . again? Those who have read my book Glimpses of Grace: Stories of Hope understand why I would ask this question. In my case, I cried out, I wrestled, I cried out, I raged, I cried out, I complained, and finally, I repented.

I cried out. “Please God, say it is enough. Whatever You are about, it is enough.”

I wrestled. “If You are good, how could You require this when You could stop it?”

I raged. “How do You choose who suffers again and again and again?”

I complained. “You have taken from us all Your blessings. I feel betrayed.”

I repented. “Forgive my refusal to accept this cup of pain. Help my unbelief.”

Now? We live life moment by moment, hoping for a happy ending here – knowing we will have one in eternity. Someday I hope once again to write and speak as God leads and strength allows. I will do so with fresh brokenness. Because there are certainly stories to tell.

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  • I recent published a story in the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul "Messages from Heaven"

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Blessings in 2014! And if you need a break, consider our cabin!

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